A Stress-Free Wedding

Weddings are stressful enough. But how about travelling to the other side of the world to tie the knot? Australian bride, Leah Brenchley, joined her fiancé and 55 other guests to celebrate her wedding on the Spanish island of Formentera, near Ibiza. Despite the spectacular setting, she had the usual wedding planning issues to contend with, in a foreign language. But fortunately for Brenchley, she had a secret weapon to manage the wedding day jitters.

“I met Laurence Toltz just before flying from Australia to Spain to get married,” reveals Leah Brenchley. “He must have sensed I was a little bit stressed and gave me a copy of his book that also contains CDs called Your Peaceful Place.” When asked about the program, Brenchley explains it’s an entry level meditation in which you create a peaceful place in your mind that you can visit any time you feel overwhelmed or stressed. It might be a favorite comfortable chair, or lying on the beach. The idea is to imagine a place where you feel calm and then get into the habit of going there when needed.

“I started reading the book and listening to the CDs on the plane and built my peaceful place. Every day before my wedding, I spent 10 minutes on my own imagining and feeling the wedding from a place of calm and relaxation. I saw it all unfolding in a beautiful way.” Brenchley used the guided relaxation on the CDs to help her create a place of calm.

The technique is a bit like pretending you’re on a tropical island. It’s about feeling and embodying that peaceful feeling. You can do it anywhere, any time. Your Peaceful Place breaks the destructive cycle of stress and allows you to calmly deal with what’s happening around and within you.

So, how was Benchley’s big day? “It worked!” she exclaimed. “My wedding was the most stress-free, amazing time I had. I loved every minute of it.”

Since the wedding, Brenchley has continued the practice and passed on the technique to a number of friends. “It’s such a simple, effective and easy method and it helped massively to have the CDs,” she adds. “I’ve even downloaded the CDs to my iPhone and if my brain starts whirring, I can pop on my headphones and get into my peaceful place.”

If only Kim Kardashian had got her hands on a copy of Your Peaceful Place book and CDs before her wedding, she might have avoided all that drama.

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