Picture of the three sisters in the Blue Mountains, NSW

Laurence’s Story

In January 2006 while I was attending a four-day seminar, Working Towards Your Life Purpose, run by my friend, Sandy MacGregor, it suddenly occurred to me that at the very heart of what Sandy teaches is something of enormous value. I realised Sandy had developed and perfected a system that makes it easier to solve problems and achieve goals. The system makes it easier for us to change from what we are doing now to what we know we need to do to in our lives. It is a system to change the way we think and function for the better.

As a strong supporter of Sandy’s work for many years, I asked if he would allow me to work with him and write a simple and short book explaining how his system makes it easier to relax and release stress, achieve goals and change your life. We also discussed how many people, for a multitude of reasons, start something new but do not continue.

The book we wrote is about how people of all ages have used a simple technique to make it easier to achieve their goals and overcome the barriers that have been holding them back.

Previously I had been researching why many people have difficulty in achieving goals in their lives. During my research I asked a life coach I knew the following question: In your coaching practice, do you find many of your clients have difficulty in changing established habits of thinking and behaviour?

Here’s what she said:

This is the only problem in my coaching practice. We all fall into habits of doing things, have our own long established ways of thinking and this is why change is so difficult. Many people think in black and white terms, which can be very powerful, but also very limiting and sometimes irrational. Coping with change is a universal human issue. Some people deal with change better than others. Many are very resistant to change, especially if they need to change a habit. I suggest many have a stronger force inside them not to change rather than to change. The answers are linked to the way in which they think, and how this affects their behaviour.

Sandy and I agreed that the purpose of this book would also be to assist people who are blocked from achieving some of their important goals. Our goal would be to make them aware of some major barriers that may be holding them back, preventing change and provide strategies to overcome these barriers.

This book presents Sandy’s work and his system with a new name — the Peaceful Place System. We chose this name because a Peaceful Place is the heart of the system.

The book is simple, easy to understand and includes many stories as examples to explain the key steps in the system, as stories are often the best teachers. The stories are all true and most are from Sandy’s website and were sent to him by his grateful students. Other stories are from people I shared Sandy’s system with during my research and writing period. The stories are charming, creative, funny and inspiring. Together, their life experiences are great examples of how the Peaceful Place System can make it easier for people to achieve goals in many areas of their lives and help overcome the barriers holding them back. It is hoped these stories make it easier for you to understand how the Peaceful Place System works in practice.