Our Story

Most of us have a special place, somewhere we have been to many times where we feel relaxed and at peace. In your home it may be a comfortable bed, a much-loved chair with a good book or about to watch a favourite TV show — a “feel good” and relaxing place. It could be a spectacular beach or park at sunset or sunrise, a quiet spot overlooking a river or a lake, a mountain top or sitting on a surfboard waiting for a wave on a perfect day — or anywhere you feel at peace and relaxed.

Your Peaceful Place suggests a special place you can create inside your mind, where you are always at peace and relaxed. A spot you can get back to easily and automatically. The place you create inside your mind can be a real place you know well, an imagined place or a combination of both. This is to be your special private place inside your mind and in the process of getting there, you automatically relax and release stress. Your Peaceful Place is the place where you can choose to go deeper into relaxation or into a meditation. It is also the place where by following a simple system, you can make it easier to achieve your goals and also overcome any barriers holding you back.