Picture of the three sisters in the Blue Mountains, NSW

Success stories

  • Overcoming weight problems
    In my peaceful place I visualise the kilos, which look like house-bricks, flying off, and disappearing over the horizon… Read Brooke’s story
  • Coping with depression
    I started using my peaceful place to get through difficult day-to-day situations and to relax in general… Read Annette’s story
  • Releasing stress
    I was so stressed by my heavy workload and the health problems of my patients that when I arrived home each day, I had to go to my study and have two scotches to help me unwind before being able to play with my young children… Read Tom’s story
  • Working with students
    I’ve been a teacher in the classroom guiding and instructing students through the maze of the school exam system since 1986… Read Walter’s story
  • Overcoming fear
    My goal was to overcome my fear of going to the dentist. Since I was a child I have always been terrified of dental visits… Read Vanessa’s story
  • Pain management
    Four years ago when I was in the middle of a two-year working holiday in London I was about to walk out the door to begin a two month trek in Europe. Unfortunately, the day before I was due to depart I had a grand mal seizure… Read Estelle’s story
  • Exam jitters
    A couple of days ago I got my term one results (including exam results) back. I thought I’d send you a copy to prove that your system really works… Read Lara’s story