Staying the Same is Easy

Many people say they want to change, but very few people make lasting changes in their lives.

In fact most believe they are unable to change their situation at all – let alone permanently. I would like to share with you two stories about how people have used their Peaceful Place to make an important change they needed in their lives.

I asked a friend of mine to read the first two chapters of the book and then listen to the first four tracks on CD1 in order to build her own Peaceful Place. A few weeks later I asked this friend how she was going with the program. She replied that for a long time she knew she was drinking too much wine and needed to change and drink far less.

She said after using her Peaceful Place she was able to make the change she needed and is now drinking far less.

I did the same with our painter. About four weeks after lending the book I bumped into the painter and asked him how he was going. He replied, “It’s a funny thing, I have always loved my wine and for a long time I knew I was drinking too much and needed to change but I didn’t change. After a few weeks of going to my Peaceful Place I felt it was now time to change and am delighted I have reduced the amount of wine I drink daily to a much more reasonable level.”

I gave copies of the program to a Psychologist and a Counsellor and both later gave me the exact same feedback. They said what they loved about the program was that it helped their clients move from a stressed or anxious state of mind to a peaceful state of mind.

If you would like to read how the program has helped other people make changes in their lives, read more success stories.

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