About the system

Your Peaceful Place, co-written by Laurence Toltz and veteran trainer Sandy MacGregor, describes MacGregor’s easy to learn, easy to do, self talk meditation technique for busy people.

Most of us have a special place, somewhere we have been too many times where we feel relaxed and at peace. In your home it may be a comfortable bed, a much-loved chair with a good book or about to watch a favourite TV show — a “feel good” and relaxing place. It could be a spectacular beach or park at sunset or sunrise, a quiet spot overlooking a river or a lake, a mountain top or sitting on a surfboard waiting for a wave on a perfect day — or anywhere you feel at peace and relaxed.

Your Peaceful Place suggests a special place you can create inside your mind, where you are always at peace and relaxed. A spot you can get back to easily and automatically. The place you create inside your mind can be a real place you know well, an imagined place or a combination of both. This is to be your special private place inside your mind and in the process of getting there, you automatically relax and release stress. Your Peaceful Place is the place where you can choose to go deeper into relaxation or into a meditation. It is also the place where by following a simple system, you can make it easier to achieve your goals and also overcome any barriers holding you back.

The Peaceful Place System has helped thousands of people and added value to their lives.

The Peaceful Place Program has 2 distinct stages.

Stage 1: Building Your Peaceful Place and learning the Peaceful Place meditation technique.

This simple meditation technique will:

  • make it possible for you to relax quickly, let go of stress and achieve peace of mind.
  • help you get on better with key people in your life.
  • help you sleep.

The major advantage of this technique lies in the simplicity of what to do and the pleasure most people feel when in their Peaceful Place. Many grow to love going to their Peaceful Place because it makes it easy for them to move from a stressed and anxious state of mind to a peaceful state of mind.

Stage 2: Four simple steps to help you change your habits and stick with it

Changing long established habits of thinking and behaviour is very difficult for most people and is a major barrier holding people back. Helping people change is the number one priority and challenge of Life Coaches. The Peaceful Place System helps people break through whatever is holding them back and motivates them to make the changes they need in their lives.

These are just some of the ways you can use Your Peaceful Place:

  • to improve your relationships
  • to get more out of life
  • to focus and motivate yourself to study
  • to sleep more easily
  • to handle health issues and pain
  • to handle weight problems

The easiest and quickest way to understand the Peaceful Place Meditation technique and the benefits it offers is to listen to Rachael Kohn, presenter of the ABC’s “Spirit of Things” program interviewing co-author Laurence Toltz.

This question and answer interview will help you understand more about the meditation technique and answers many questions you may have. Listen to the interview now.

You can read stories on this website from people whose lives have benefited greatly from using the Peaceful Place system and also  download chapter one of Your Peaceful Place for free to see if this system is for you.