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About the system

A simple practice

Your Peaceful Place is a simple meditation technique for busy people.

  • Let go stress and function at your best.
  • Achieve your goals and overcome barriers that hold you back. Read more…

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    Your Peaceful Place
    The Peaceful Place System has helped thousands of people and added value to their lives. Now you can purchase the Peaceful Place Program that includes the book and two-CD set today.
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    Chapter 1: PDF sampler
    Your Peaceful Place suggests a special place you can create inside your mind, where you are always at peace and relaxed. A spot you can get back to easily and automatically. Download Chapter 1 for free.
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  • TomRead Tom's story

    When I am working, I go to my Peaceful Place for one to two minutes between patients and visualise my family smiling...

  • BrookeRead Brooke's story

    Your seminar made me aware a far more powerful tool was available — going to my peaceful place and addressing my subconscious mind directly.